The Worlds Largest & Safest Renewable Energy Generator’s!

The 160MW WindGen & WaterGen Tower Generator’s

800MW WindGen Corp Ranch

Regen Towers Are The New Era of 100% Safe Renewable Energy Production!

Regen Towers are designed to be 100% Wildlife and Environmentally Safe, and to Produce More Renewable Energy than Turbines are capable of producing.

Wildlife Safe WindGen Rotors drive the generators instead of propellors and the oil is contained in a closed system.

Regen Towers are designed for large MW and KW Commercial uses.

Regen Towers are also designed for large, medium and small non-commercial uses.

Regen Tower 160MW Commercial Generators produce 700% more Renewable Energy than MW turbines are capable of producing.

Regen Tower 144KW Commercial Generators produce 500% more Renewable Energy than KW turbines are capable of producing.

Custom Commercial and all Non-Commercial Towers are Designed on Request.

Regen Tower Generators Are In A Class of Their Own.

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